Integrated Research Project in Computer Security

Project in BIOSINF Master programme (2nd year)

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistant: Dr. Dragoș Drăghicescu.

Project description

The project aims to validate the students’ knowledge in a concrete application: the individual realization of a project that involves the implementation of a vulnerability or an IT security technology for completing, testing and evaluating the concepts accumulated in the personal computer security study. Students go through all the stages of bibliographic documentation, drafting a scientific paper and implementing the stated concepts.


  1. Presentation of the project themes. Scientific documentation in the studied field
  2. Description of basic concepts related to securing digital information in personal computers. Computer network security fundamentals
  3. Implementing vulnerable software and testing it in a safe environment. The choice of language and technology. Comparisons and examples
  4. Malware – way of spreading, exploiting vulnerability, effects
  5. Network exploitation software – worms and protocol vulnerabilities
  6. Project submission


Project – (activity + project development and assessment): 100%