Security in Computer Networks

Laboratory in BIOSINF Master programme (2nd year)

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistant: Dr. Dragoș Drăghicescu.

Laboratory description

The Network Security laboratory aims to deliver an overall introduction into the world of professional penetration testing and security audit. Students learn to configure and operate the main technologies related to computer network security: network documentation and monitoring techniques, vulnerability testing, as well as methods of preventing and eliminating network intrusions. The content of the materials presented let the students get real hands-on experience that prepares them even for a career in industry.


  1. Fundamental notions in network security
  2. Techniques for documenting an unknown network
  3. IPSEC, tunneling techniques
  4. Monitoring the network. Syslog. NTP. Webmin. Firewalls
  5. IPS/IDS – intrusion prevention/detection systems
  6. Vulnerability assessment frameworks. Metasploit
  7. Laboratory assessment


Laboratory – (activity + small project assessment): 30%