EMG datasets



Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0.


This corpus is comprised of raw EMG data containing 13 of the most used gestures. Data was collected from able-bodied young males and females aged between 20-25. The acquisition hardware was the Myo Armband from Thalmic Labs. The armband has 8 surface EMG sensors placed circularly around the forearm.

There are 2 types of subjects:

  • “First-time” subjects: they had no prior experience about the setup and the experiment.
  • “Experimented” subjects: they know the setup and the experiment.

The “first-time” subjects had to do 2 rounds of gestures; in the first one the gesture was shown and they instructed to freely repeat it; for the second round they were shown how to correctly execute the gesture and asked to repeat the experiment. “Experimented” subjects only did the second round, because they knew how to perform each gesture.

All the gestures in the corpus are depicted in the following figures:

All the files in the corpus have the same format: XXXX_YY_G_T where:
XXXX is the ID of the user. If it starts with 0 it’s a “first time” subject and if it starts with “2” is an “experimented” subject.
YY is the label of the gesture.
G is the gender of the user: M for males and F for females
T is the type of gesture: L for free gesture (first round of “first-time” subjects) and A for assisted gesture (second round of “first-time” subjects).

Download EMG Raw Corpus (pass: emg)