Music datasets



Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0.


This corpus consists of 100 small songs and musical exercises, recorded in MIDI format. The recordings were made using a Roland organ with 5 octaves (range C2-C7), directly connected to a laptop. Each octave has 12 semitones, summing a total of 61 notes, all used in the recordings. All 100 songs are monophonic, meaning that a single note is played at a time, without overlapping. Some songs are repeated on different octaves to obtain a minimum number of occurrences for all notes.

The dataset is split into training and evaluation sets, as follows:

  • training set: 90 files representing 1 hour and 7 minutes of audio recordings, with length between 6s and 150s
  • evaluation set: 10 files representing around 10 minutes of audio recordings, with length between 12s and 120s

The recordings were made under normal conditions, without noise. The songs were recorded using MidiEditor, in the following manner: the recording mode from MidiEditor was activated before each song being played and the program was stopped after the song was finished (so there will be silence at the beginning and end of each recording). Each MIDI file has an associated WAV file and a TXT file. The text file has information regarding the played note, represented in a MIDI number, as well as the onset and offset of the note, measured in seconds. This file has the following format:
Onset [s] Offset [s] Note [MIDI number]

Download Music corpus (pass: music)