BIOSINF Master’s Program Presentation

The “Multimedia Technologies in Biometrics and Information Security Applications” (BIOSINF) Master’s program takes place within the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technology (ETTI) of the National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA Bucharest.

More specifically, the BIOSINF Master’s program trains engineers to specialize in the following areas of study, research, and development:

  • Digital signal processing architectures using advanced artificial intelligence models.
  • Biometric technologies (methods for uniquely identifying people based on single or multiple intrinsic physical or behavioral traits).
  • Voice communication interfaces with intelligent systems.
  • Forensic expertise in multimedia (identifying key information and detecting signs of digital editing of audio-video recordings, verifying their authenticity, and aspects regarding systems and procedures used in forensic investigations).
  • Information security (personal computer and computer network security: vulnerability analysis, detecting and preventing information attacks, traffic analysis in computer networks, local-level and network-level security solutions, databases and specific programming technologies, etc.).

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The curriculum and the syllabus are available here.
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