Results of the Student Scientific Communication Sessions – May 2018

A series of students, guided by SpeeD professors, participated in the Student Scientific Communication Sessions – May 2018, where they won important awards.

 Claudiu Anegroaei and Marian Bănică, Honorable mention at the CTI Department session with the paper “Remote control system of a robot platform capable of performing maneuvers that require high precision, based on real-time muscle impulses”. Coordinators: Corneliu Burileanu and Ana – Antonia Neacșu

Diana Avram, Andreina Tabac and Georgian Nicolae, Second prize at the TC Department session with the paper “Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks in Robots with Limited Computational Resources: Object Recognition by NAO”. Coordinators: Anamaria Rădoi and Corneliu Burileanu

Alexandru – Lucian Georgescu, Second prize at the DCAE Department session with the paper “Speaker recognition based on GMM-UBM models using a Romanian language corpus”. Coordinator: Horia Cucu

Lorena Poenaru – Olaru, Second Prize at the CTI Department session with the paper “Recommendation system for lifestyle improvement”. Coordinator: Anamaria Rădoi