Microprocessor Applications for Real Time Systems

Course in Electric Vehicle Propulsion and Control (EPIC) Master’s program (2nd year)


Lect. Georgian Nicolae

Course Description

Study of the basic concepts in CISC and RISC general microprocessor architecture: registers, memory management, addressing techniques, data transfer, instruction set, input/output strategies. The students should have the possibility to approach any specific microprocessor architecture, either general or dedicated. In the laboratory-type applications, the students are guided in developing applications for the 8086 microprocessor using the emu8086 simulator.



  • “Microcomputer Structure. Defintions”
  • “Overview of a CISC, General Purpose Microprocessor Core”
  • “Fundamentals of a Typical CISC Architecture”
  • “Fundamentals of a Typical RISC Architecture”
  • “Input/Output Strategies”
  • “Time-Dimension of a General Purpose Microprocessor Architecture”
  • “An Overview of Intel x86 Architecture (IA-32) in Real Mode”


  • Introducing a development environment for x86 microprocessors: emu8086
  • Data transfer instructions and array operations for x86 microprocessors in real mode
  • Data processing instructions for x86 microprocessors in real mode
  • Program control instructions for x86 microprocessors in real mode
  • Interrupts for x86 microprocessors in real mode
  • Translation of instructions from high-level programming into assembly
  • Laboratory assessment


Laboratory evaluation: 20%
Project evaluation: 40%
Course final exam (written): 40%