Rich Speech Transcription Service

The Rich Speech Transcription (RST) service is the output of the LVCSR-ROM project carried out by the SpeeD research group between October 2013 and June 2014. The web-service enables individuals to access the textual content of a multimedia document (news bulletin, interview, lecture, meeting recording, etc.) without watching it. This feature is of critical importance in many applications such as multimedia databases indexing and retrieval, real-time radio/TV monitoring, transcription of self-recorded documents, etc.

Access the live demo!

The free demo allows you to transcribe audio files (.wav, .mp3, .mp4) and video files (.avi, .mp4) up to 10 minutes long. To access the demo application it is best that you use Chrome browser and the following demo credentials:

username = ARTIE
password = LVCSR-ROM

Video demo