SpeeD “Speech&Language” Internships started on 17 June

SpeeD “Speech&Language” Internships started on 17 June. For 12 weeks, up until 1st September, 14 students will be engaged in summer internships under the supervision of SpeeD Group. Some of the internships are financially supported by the CASIA programme. The summer projects the students will be involved in are the following:

  • the MediaEval 2013 Spoken Web Search Task
  • the MediaEval 2013 Similar Segments in Social Speech Task
  • Multilingual (Albanian-English-Romanian) Speech Recognition
  • Android Call History Application
  • Speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Speech-enabled Dental Medical Form
  • Broadcasted Radio News Transcription Application
  • Live Speech/File Transcription Application