Personal Computer Security

Laboratory in BIOSINF Master programme (1st year)

Teaching assistants

Teaching assistant: Dr. Dragoș Drăghicescu.

Laboratory description

The laboratory aims at configuring and operating the main technologies related to the security of personal computers, operating systems and Web services, providing knowledge and understanding of current types of computer attacks, prevention, and removal measures. It introduces the student inside the malware software of all kinds, giving practical examples for understanding their effects and for the application of the appropriate countermeasures.


  1. Worms. Trojans. Viruses
  2. Analysis of a worm and its propagation mechanism. Linux application
  3. Managing the operating system to secure data
  4. Analysis of events in the operating system. Programmatic execution of operations (Cron utility)
  5. Securing the operating system. Creating BASH scripts (Linux)
  6. Web servers’ security. Configuration and types of attacks
  7. Laboratory assessment


Laboratory – (activity + small project assessment): 30%