Computer Programming

Course in Bachelor programme (1st year, series B)


Teacher: Prof. Dragoş Burileanu
Teaching Assistant: Drd. Aurelian Derviş

Course Description

The main purpose of this course is to develop the student abilities to elaborate C programs by pursuing the following stages: in-depth and complete subject understanding, choosing/ developing the appropriate algorithm, and writing down the entire code using the high-level programming language.

Courses objectives
During the first part of the lectures the students study structured programming general principles based on the knowledge and understanding of computer structure and operation. During the second part, fundamentals of C programming are explained. The C programming language is presented in a gradual manner. All essential C particularities are examined (data organization, instructions, arrays, functions, pointers).

Applications objectives
Fundamental C programming language practice is exercised. Applications use both elementary syntactic constructions and basic programs’ conception. Different difficulty problems are solved and commented. Multiple solutions for same problem are identified and efficiency issues are discussed. Typical errors are also pointed out.



  • Introduction. Computing systems; hardware – software
  • Programming languages
  • Programming technology
  • Algorithm description and development; pseudo-code
  • Introduction in C programming
  • C programming basics
  • Control instructions
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Pointers


  • Computer environment presentation; editing, compiling, running
  • Simple programs; variables and constants, formatted I/O operations
  • Basic data types, operators and expressions
  • Conditional instructions (decision, selection)
  • Initial test loops, final test loops and counter loops; break and continue
  • Arrays and strings
  • Other data types: structures, unions
  • Simple functions; recursion
  • Pointers
  • Review
  • Final examination


Laboratory (midterm + final evaluation): 40%
Course final examination (written evaluation): 60%