Research and Development Project in Spoken Language Technology

Project in BIOSINF Master programme (1st year)


Project Assistant: Assoc.Prof. Horia Cucu


The Spoken Language Technology project introduces the students into the field of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). The project involves an introductory theoretical part regarding phonetics, acoustic modeling and language modeling and an extended practical part that concludes with the development of a complete connected-digits recognition system for Romanian. The project guides the students to collect their own speech database, to create a simple phonetic dictionary (comprising of the 10 Romanian digits), to train an acoustic model using the speech database and to create a simple, rule-based task grammar. Finally, all these pieces are linked to create a complete connected-digits ASR system. The last part of the project aims at evaluating the performance of the ASR system and optimizing the acoustic model. In addition to this compulsory part, the most motivated students are guided to extend the speaker-depedent ASR system into a speaker-independent one and to develop a graphical user interface for the application. The R&D project is based on the CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition Toolkit.


  1. The general architecture of an ASR system
  2. Phonetic, acoustic and linguistic resources
  3. Acoustic modeling: main principles
  4. Language modeling: main principles
  5. ASR evaluation
  6. Construction of a connected-digits ASR system for Romanian


Additional resources


Project presentation (oral evaluation): 100%