Biometric Technologies

First half of the course “Biometric Technologies. Dynamic Signature Recognition” in BIOSINF Master programme (1st year)


Teacher: Prof. Dragoş Burileanu

Course Description

The course provides fundamental knowledge about biometric technology and systems, evaluation metrics, identity management, and various biometric authentication approaches. Students will study the main principles and application areas of biometric technologies, and will acquire the ability to define and evaluate the performance of a biometric system in security and authentication applications. Also, the main similarities and differences between biometric technologies and forensic expertise are discussed, focusing on the speaker recognition task.


  • Biometric technology: definitions, basic principles, physiological and behavioural characteristics, identification levels, main requirements
  • Identity management. Authentication/ verification, identification, recognition; security and privacy
  • Biometric systems; error types, performance measures
  • Measurement, testing, and evaluation. Biometric standards
  • Biometric system security: vulnerabilities and countermeasures
  • Biometric technologies: domains, applications, commercial products. Multiple biometrics systems
  • Comparison between biometric technologies and forensic expertise: the case of speaker recognition